"After struggling to keep a home workout schedule, I started coming to 5 Rings in the fall of 2013. The coaches have been fantastic at carefully coaching us through the techniques and pushing us to work hard while maintaining a safe atmosphere that is accommodating to varying skill levels. I'm now stronger than I ever have been, my blood pressure is as low as it was when I was a teenager, and I have more energy for my day-to-day family and work responsibilities. 5 Rings Fitness comes highly recommended!"

- David


"With a background in college athletics, CrossFit, and more recently, a member of the Army’s elite Special Forces, I value nothing more than a competitive atmosphere, top-tier instruction, and a sense of team/community. George, Jason, Scott, and the 5 Rings family, have provided me that here in Falls Church.
 With highly intelligent, yet aggressive programming, and a low student to instructor ratio, I feel that 5 Rings sets itself apart from all the other CrossFit “factories” in the area. Division-1 athletes, nationally ranked Olympic lifters, members of the SOF community, stay at home moms, and weekend warriors, all get the same attention to form, detail, and execution. Regardless of your current level of fitness, or athletic endeavors, I highly recommend you come join the family at 5 Rings."

-John P


"As a guy who has made a hobby of competing in CrossFit, powerlifting and weightlifting since 2007, and a US Marine and infantryman who has trained for all manner of physical tasks since 1995, I can tell you I have been to CrossFit boxes, strength and conditioning facilities, globo gyms…you name it…all over the world. This little gym in Falls Church is a cut above the rest. The staff members are accomplished athletes themselves and it shows in the atmosphere they promote, the equipment in which they have invested and their professional approach to their clients and their clients’ training. Rest assured, you will receive excellent programming with an emphasis on balance between efficacy and safety…no cookie cutter approach, no false bravado, just blood, sweat, tears and results. The camaraderie amongst the members is the best I’ve experienced in any gym, anywhere. And, if you are like me and have a bias toward the Iron Sports, there is no better place in NOVA to train. I attribute the strongest squat I have ever achieved to training on their monolift and the motivation their staff sent my way on every heavy rep. When friends and colleagues come to town, I tell them the trip to Falls Church is well worth it."

-USMC Officer


"When you put time into strength and conditioning you want to see results. That is exactly what we have seen in our players after working with the coaches at 5 Rings. We have seen growth in strength, confidence, explosion and belief that they can do it in our athletes. We could not ask for anymore.
 On top of that they know how to teach....They do not just tell you to lift....they teach you how to do it....George, Jason, Scott, and Danny are all excellent coaches."

-Joe Wootten- Athletic Director and Men's Basketball Coach, Bishop O'Connell High School

"A big part of rowing is physical strength, obviously. However, one of the most underrated qualities of the sport is mental toughness. We started working with 5 Rings Fitness in the winter following an extremely unsuccessful fall that left the team in a fragile mental state. 5 Rings immediately hit the ground running, and got the team back to where it needed to be. They instilled discipline, and most of all, gave the athletes the best tools to succeed in this sport both physically and mentally. A big thanks to the coaches there for helping us capture a National Title!"

-Greg Smith-Head Coach Men's Crew, Bishop O'Connell High School.

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