Small Group Training

Our small group classes have traditionally been strength and conditioning focused. Our traditional class consists of a Strength portion and a Conditioning Portion. Our Strength program is predicated on strength training with the barbell.  The Strength portion of class will give athletes the opportunity to train the main lift of the day and 1 or 2 auxiliary movements with rest and focus on maximal effort in each set. Our Conditioning is typically done in short, intense circuits that combine elements of Gymnastics, Powerlifting, Olympic Weightlifting, Track and Field, and Strongman-style training to develop athletes in the "5 Rings of Fitness": Speed, Work-Capacity, Strength, Agility and Gameness. Each hour class will consist of a warm-up, 30 minute strength session and 10-20 minutes of conditioning. 

However, we can accommodate groups of varying sizes and can also create fully customized programs. Please contact us so that we can begin creating and scheduling a training routine for your group. We can also place individuals into already scheduled sessions.

Drop-In: $20

10 session Pack: $140

14 session Pack: $185

Monthly Unlimited: $210

Basic Training: $225

All Rates

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