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Are you serious about your training? Do you have the drive and passion to improve performance in the gym or on the field of play but aren’t sure how to get there? Have you worked your butt off running a cookie-cutter program from the internet and finish the cycle without any “GAINZ?” or “PR’s” ?

At 5 Rings Fitness we provide clients with the tools and knowledge they need to dominate their training.  Our programming will help you reach your goals by avoiding injury, building work capacity, and increasing maximal strength.

5 Rings programs are individually tailored to help you maximize performance in your chosen arena of competition. Your custom program will include either 12 or 20 weeks of strength training, any necessary mobility/warm up/cool down drills, unlimited e-mail interaction with your coach, conditioning work if applicable, and 3 main lift technique video reviews per week. Online coaching is $100 for 12 weeks and $150 for 20 weeks.

We have proverbially “swum the deep waters” ourselves, having trained and competed in a variety of sports our whole lives.  In addition to our own training, 5 Rings Fitness has over 4 years experience working with a wide range of athletes.  We can proudly say we have successfully trained D1 Football, Volleyball, and Basketball players, high school baseball and soccer players, MMA Fighters, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitors, competitive power-lifters, Olympic Weightlifters, CrossFit competitors, and a multitude of people looking to improve general health and fitness.

Don’t wait any longer; contact us about setting up your personalized online training program today!

$75 a month for non members

$50 a month for members

$50 for meet day coaching

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