About Us

5 Rings Fitness is a gym for athletes of all ages and fitness levels who are interested in seeing real advances in their fitness and training with the support of a like-minded community of people. Formed in late 2011, our mission when starting 5 Rings was to pass on our passion for training that our many coaches gave to us and hopefully positively impact peoples lives in the process.

The Book of 5 Rings is comprised of the teachings of the great Japanese samurai Miyamoto Musashi. Musashi is famous for his two-sword style and his unmatchable skill (undefeated in over 60 recorded duels). The book contains instruction on combat in both the physical and mental arenas. Musashi believed in a practical/”no-nonsense” approach to training and battle that we aim to replicate at 5 Rings Fitness. He also taught a warrior must be well rounded to be prepared for any situation, and we aim to push our athlete's to achieve this versatility.

We strive to develop our athletes to grow in the "5 Rings of Fitness" that we have identified as most crucial to athletic performance: Speed, Work-Capacity, Strength, Agility and Gameness. We foster in each of our athletes the mental and physical determination needed for the ultimate test of strength and will, the game of life. At 5 Rings Fitness we hope to grow a close-knit fitness community that supports one another to better themselves in all areas of their life.

Whether you are looking to simply get in better shape, or push your athletic pursuits to the next level, 5 Rings Fitness is the place for you.Come slam bars freely at The Strongest Gym in the Church!

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