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5 Rings Fitness- The Strongest Gym in the Church!

Welcome to 5 Rings Fitness! We are a strength and conditioning community dedicated to helping athletes excel in all aspects of their lives. Our CrossFit WOD combines elements of track & field, gymnastics, weightlifting, and strongman in short intense workouts to maximize results for an individual of any fitness level. We offer personal training and sports specific training for athletes, building custom training programs based on each individual's need. 5 Rings is also a great place for strength athletes of all types with the specialized equipment needed to train for your next competition. Come slam bars freely at The Strongest Gym in the Church!

Ask about our discount for those who serve our community: Educators, Military Personnel, and First-Responders!

Workout Of The Day

  • 10/30/14

    A) Military Press 1RM B) Reduce weight on the barbell by 10-20# and perform 3x5 Military Press superset with 15 Ring Rows C) Death by Ball Slam With a running clock perform 1 ball slam the first minute, 2 ball slams the second minute, 3 slams on the third...Continue with this protocol until the athlete can no longer perform the required reps. 35/50#

  • 10/29/14

    A. C&J 1rm B. 3 rounds: 10 power clean 10 push press 10 front squat 10 burpee box jump (20") 10 pull up RX: 85/115

  • 10/28/14

    A. Bench Press 1rm B. DB row 4x12 C.

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